ECOL 553L: Computational Lab

Schedule: link

* Days with no lectures notes contain the tentative schedule, this is subject to change.

Homeworks (unless specified) will be due at 11:59pm on Tuesday of each week.
Quizes (unless specified) will be at the start of class on Tuesday of each week.

You can re-take a quiz once within a week of the original quiz by visiting Dan or Sergei's office hours or making an appointment.
Handouts/Homework Tuesday Slides Thursday Slides
Week 1
21,23 Aug.
Resource List
Exersise Solution
Acivity Solution
Week 2
28,30 Aug.
VIM Quick Reference
UNIX crib sheet
UNIX Esentials
Unix Intro
Week 3
4,6 Sept.
Handout & Homework Unix Intro
Unix Intro
Week 4
11,13 Sept.
Handout & Homework (Updated 13 Sept) BLAST
Slides (Updated 13 Sept)
Perl Intro
Slides (Updated 13 Sept)
Week 5
18,20 Sept.
Handout & Homework Perl Basics & Arrays
Perl Basics & Arrays
Week 6
25,27 Sept.
Handout & Homework More Arrays/Hashes
Slides (from slide 19)
Hashs, System and DP
Week 7
2,4 Oct.
Handout & Homework
2-week homework
Files, IO Files, IO
Week 8
9,11 Oct.
Handout 2-D Arrays, Extra Credit
Smith-Waterman Implementation
Needleman-Wusch Implementation
Fibonacci Solution
External Calls, Functions
Week 9
16,18 Oct.
Handout & Homework
n50 Solution
Regular Expressions Regular Expressions
Week 10
23,25 Oct.
Handout & Homework Regular Expressions Perl Subroutines
Week 11
30 Oct., 1 Nov.

Handout & Homework
Solution(Added 14 Nov)
Test1(Added 14 Nov)
Test2 a(Added 14 Nov)
Test2 b (Added 14 Nov)

Perl Routines, Modules, Objects Bio Perl
Week 12
6,8 Nov.
Handout & Homework Slides McCutchen Lecture
No Lab
Week 13
13,15 Nov.
Dan has extra office hours
   Friday 16 Nov.
   Monday 19 Nov.
   1pm - 2pm
Slides Projects and Review
Week 14
20,22 Nov.
Homework 10 (optional)

Dan will not have office hours on
   Wed. 21 Nov.
Quiz 9 (optional)
No Class
Week 15
27,29 Nov.
Week 16
4 Dec.
Poster Session